We believe that high-quality food and products should be accessible and affordable to anyone in every neighborhood. CP Lotus have pioneered and will continue pioneering the modern lifestyle shopping experience to serve the needs, wants and dreams of our customers in order to earn their lifetime loyalty.

This is the essence of today’s CP Lotus.


Here is our promise to customers:

Quality Fresh Food

  • We offer Safety and Quality Guarantee by using professional quality inspection and comprehensive cold supply chain certified by Quality Management System - ISO 9001 and Quality Assurance.
  • Fresh from farm daily. We buy large scale fresh from the farm produce to ensure best quality and lowest prices for our customers.
  • Fresh baking and cooking daily. Our recipes are designed and developed by professional chefs who also help to devise standardize work procedures ensuring best quality and great taste.
  • Varieties of local and imported products as well as different product pack size and packaging to meet all customers' need.
  • One stop shopping for everyone.

Great Price

  • We offer daily fabulous promotion at the lowest price possible to customers. In addition, we independently check thousands of prices every week on everyday essentials to ensure we are competitive in the Market.
  • For our Members, we offer daily fabulous member price, point collection on thousands of items plus the member point redemption scheme.

Fast and Friendly Checkout

  • Fast and efficient staff.
    We provide special fast lanes, efficient customer service as well as after-sale and return-exchange service, our trained, professional staff are always at your service.

Great Shopping Experience

  • We offer a safe, comfortable and spacious shopping environment
with friendly and warm-hearted staff.
  • Good navigation as well as the innovative smart shopping cart.
  • Sufficient parking space.

Always Get What You Want

  • We provide a wide variety of products and we do our very best to keep them in stock for you every day.