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We currently operate 70 Lotus stores and 2 shopping malls, located primarily along the north, east and south coastal of China. Our 15 Shanghai metropolitan stores place us amongst the leading foreign retailers in Shanghai, one of the highest per capita income cities, and one of the most competitive markets in China.

Our Lotus stores provide one-stop shopping convenience to customers. Customers can find a large assortment of quality merchandise, including fresh food, health supplement, beverage & liquor, household products, hardware, sporting goods and toys, stationary, electronic appliances, apparel, shoes, import products and more.

To provide customers with better service and shopping environment, we have transformed our stores into "Lifestyle Malls" and introduced "shop-in-shop" concept to create a total shopping experience. We bring in quality chain stores to our lease areas to provide greater varieties in response to changing demographic and the emergence of an increasingly affluent population. Hence, shoppers can also find restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, IT centre, kids centres and more in our stores. This transformation has proven successful with significant improvement in customer satisfaction, and increased in revenue.

A few facts about our stores:
  • - Store sales space ranges from 4,500 sqm to 13,500 sqm
  • - Store merchandise mix range up to 40,000 SKUs
  • - Our stores are easily accessible by either public transport or private transport with
      typically 200 - 500 parking spaces.


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